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interest rates dropping

A Quote that may make you buy a home in the next year

"Given the appreciation of the dollar and the deflationary pressure coming out of Europe and Asia, I think it's going to cause the Fed to wait longer before they start taking action," he said. "We've always … [Read More...]

SS card

New Social Security changes for 2015

“Social Security recipients will receive 1.7 percent bigger checks in 2015, the Social Security Administration announced last week. And some groups of workers will begin receiving benefit statements in the mail … [Read More...]

wall street bull

What Wall Street really believes is why the Stock Market is so unstable

Stocks, and bonds fluctuate based on a lot of these items below. It really shouldn't bounce around so much but it is all based on fear and uncertainty. 1. Falling gas and home heating prices are a bad … [Read More...]